Coffee health benefits

The new 13-year study shows benefits of tea and coffee for the heart, without raising the risk for other diseases.

The study of Dutch scientists which lasted less than 13 years showed that a few cups of coffee or tea a day protects against heart disease, according to BBC. People who drink more than six cups of tea per day reduced the risk for heart disease by one third, according to survey results carried out at 40 thousand people.

It adds for 20 percent will reduce the risk of people who drink a day from two to four cups of coffee. Those who drink more coffee than this will not benefit, but no damage.

"This is actually good news for lovers of tea and coffee. These drinks are a good heart without raising the risk for other diseases," said Professor Yvonne van der Schouw, head of research published in "Journal of the American Heart Association."

The researchers note that the cigarette maker reverses its good effect, and only drinking large quantities of tea in front of the TV without any physical exercise in life, is also unlikely to bring anything good for the heart.