Indian espresso

Frothy magic in a cup of coffee, full of strong, creamy and sweet taste


1 tablespoon instant coffee powder

2 tablespoons sugar

225 ml milk (or 170 ml milk 55 ml water)

Method of preparation:

Put sugar, coffee and pour a few drops of water in a coffee cup or another bowl. The mixture should be thick and very moist. Mate with a stirrer, spoon or electric mixer until they get very frothy mixture of bright color. Heat the milk and then pour it into dough. Stir until it equalized. The mixture should become frothy and smooth. Or, you first pour the milk in a bowl and put in a microwave oven, and then mix. Finally put a few crumbs of coffee powder.

Although it contains coffee "espresso" in the title, it is actually more like a cappuccino. In any case, the method of preparation will get something like Indian espresso coffee that is served in India.